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Commonly Asked Questions about Fitted Wardrobes

One of our most requested products at GWC Joinery is our bespoke fitted wardrobes, that are tailored to your home! From clothes, shoes, jewellery and everyday essentials – fitted wardrobes incorporates custom made rails, shelving and drawers that fit perfectly with your exact requirements.

The team at GWC Joinery are well experienced when supplying and installing fitted wardrobes, and have compiled a list of popular questions and answers below.

Can Fitted Wardrobes Be Moved?

Unlike free standing wardrobes, fitted wardrobes are usually custom made to the space in which it is installed and therefore viewed as permanent.

Can Fitted Wardrobes Add Value To Your Home?

Unlike a freestanding wardrobe, a custom fitted wardrobe cannot be moved into a different room, or into a different house if you decide to move home. By purchasing a house that includes a fitted wardrobe, this can be very attractive for potential homeowners and add value to your home.

Do Fitted Wardrobes Act as SoundProofing?

The installation of fitted wardrobes can act as soundproofing materials. In fact, Wood or metal are widely known to be able to reflect sound as they are dense and impenetrable materials. Wood is typically used in concert halls, and some musical instruments are made out of wood for this particular reason.

Are Fitted Wardrobes Old Fashioned?

Definitely not! Fitted wardrobes are considered to be a modern investment to homes, considering the positives it brings as opposed to a free standing wardrobe.

Do Fitted Wardrobes Cause Damp?

The installation of a fitted wardrobe does not directly cause damp. However, if you find that your clothes, shoes and belongings in your wardrobe appear wet / damp, there are ways to repair the issue.

Damp can be caused by high humidity in the room, en-suite or nearby bathroom, drying clothes on a radiator or even by cooking. To repair the issue, you simply need ventilation in your wardrobe. Open the windows of your bedroom, and open the doors of your wardrobe to allow ventilation. If you are still struggling to tackle damp in your wardrobe, It is also recommended to also purchase a Dehumidifier, that will absorb dampness in your wardrobe.

Are Fitted Wardrobes Worth It?

By looking at the advantages of a fitted wardrobe, the expected cost one may have to pay certainly looks like an attractive investment. With a fitted wardrobe, it usually comes with the following:

– Maximising space in a room custom built to your requirements
– Allows you to incorporate your own style, choice of colour and finishings
– Fitted Wardrobes are full length, drawing eyes to the ceiling and making your room appear bigger. Additionally, with fitted wardrobes being full length – it will hide any awkward spaces.
– A popular door front for fitted wardrobes is by installing full length, mirrored door fronts. With the use of mirror door fronts, a fitted wardrobe will maximise the natural light exposed into your room.

Do you require a fitted wardrobe, or a professional joinery service? The team at GWC Joinery Ltd has been designing and manufacturing bespoke joinery in and around the Bedford area for well over 40 years. GWC Joinery have built a strong reputation for our craftsmanship, creativity and customer service. We have provided services for a variety of sectors, including the education and retail sectors. We are able to provide bespoke kitchens, windows and doors and wardrobes for your home or business? Do you require a new fitted wardrobe, kitchen or bespoke joinery services? Contact GWC Joinery today to find out how we can help.